Styling with Melbourne Fashion

Fashion is the having knowledge of current trends or what is currently referred to as ‘in’. These styles of clothing are commonly paraded during fashion shows which are often staged by highly accredited names such as Giorgio Armani. These are held to show off the most recent fashion discoveries and are modelling by men or women depending on the clothing design. These people are often referred to as models. Fashion has an outstanding effect on life; it has the ability to change something as small as someone’s style up or as large as their perspective of the world.

Stylish A fashion stylist is someone that is hired by an individual or (company) to select suitable clothing that may be used for editorial features that will often be published. These editorials may include; Television advertisements, music videos, celebrity appearances, concerts or modelling shows. These fashion stylists can also be called wardrobe stylists, but it’s still the same duties performed. Although only high level fashion stylists may be hired to confer directly with designers to create custom clothing for published deals such as advertisements. These high level fashion stylists may also assist with the creation of clothing for celebrities or other clients.

These fashion stylists can be paid by their clients in many different forms from hourly to monthly. Generally, the form of payment is agreed on and sometimes a contract is drawn up. They will commonly receive high amounts of money depending on the job they are hired to achieve. Advertisements and spokesperson campaign will most often pay the most money whereas editorial assignments will pay less money. They can in some occasion be paid a flat rate at the beginning of a project but they will not receive any more money. To become a fashion stylist there is often no educational training required although some schools now offer courses to help you on your way.

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