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Professional Accessories
StyleThese include your pen, mobile phone, compendium, diary and briefcase. Consider the messages they are sending. Do they reflect the sharp, professional image that is required of your position? You are 100% in control of how you are perceived by others during your career. Appropriateness wins hands down!
Keeping Track:
Are you using a pocket PC or a paper diary to keep up
with appointments? Every accessory will communicate
something positive or negative to the people you are doing business with. Make it a positive statement.
• The condition of your diary and compendium require constant attention. A diary stuffed with pages and post-it notes may give the impression that you have no idea what you are doing.
• If your compendium and note pad are “dog eared” and in disrepair, it gives the impression that you are too.
• A cheap plastic pen will send the message that you are also a bit cheap. Investing in a quality pen will pay for itself many times over.
• A simple classic analogue watch with a leather or metal band will communicate that you mean business. A sports or diving watch will leave your client thinking you would rather be enjoying your weekend.
Keeping in Touch:
Be careful about the ring on your mobile phone. The latest ring tone may not have you taken as seriously as you wish to be. And ensure your phone is up to date. If you are carrying a brick-like phone, you will be perceived as having outdated ideas or worse – as being totally inflexible to change!
Action Items:

1. 2.
List three actions you will commence this week to take your grooming to the next level.
Which of professional accessories needs attending to in the next thirty days?

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